Why and how to sign

Why and how to sign

Signing the Circular Cities Declaration offers many benefits to cities and regions. Signatories will become part of a powerful, unified group of cities that will help raise awareness of the long-term political, societal, environmental and financial benefits of the circular economy, and contribute to the development of a supportive political framework.

Other benefits include:

  • International profiling and a platform to showcase activities globally through print, online media and/or key events     
  • Sharing and developing capabilities with like-minded cities to implement a circular economy
  • Accessing advice and support in the development of a circular economy
  • Opportunities for city-to-city cooperation to push rapid and effective implementation on the ground
  • Demonstrating leadership and commitment at the sub-national level to a productive, liveable and resilient Europe


By signing this Declaration, local and regional governments commit to using the levers at our disposal coherently:

Become a signatory!

Do you wish to become a signatory of the Circular Cities Declaration and take the lead in building a more just and resilient future?

Contact us here: info@circularcitiesdeclaration.eu