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SUM 2022 - 6th Symposium on Circular Economy and Urban Mining

18-20 May 2022

Island of Capri, Italy

SUM 2022 - 6th Symposium on Circular Economy and Urban Mining

Saving and recovery of resources and the increasing need for environmental sustainability have been the driving forces behind the development of the Circular Economy and Urban Mining strategies. These are a real revolution in terms of waste management as well as in several other fields. In order to optimise them, a scientific approach is necessary involving all the various disciplines (Engineering, Economy, Chemistry, etc.) and all possible stakeholders (industries, researchers, waste management companies, individuals, decision makers, administrators, regulators, politicians, etc.) and considering all the implementation aspects including the most critical, such as quality of recycled products, sustainable management of residues, symbiosis between producers and recyclers, stability of markets, end of waste regulations and the role of final sinks.

The programme will include three parallel tracks of oral sessions, workshops, poster presentations and much more.

The Symposium will include the following topics:

  • Concepts in saving, recovery and recycling of material resources
  • Prevention, minimisation and preparing for reuse
  • Sources and characterisation of valuable materials
  • Appropriate technology for materials recovery and valorisation
  • Specific material flows in the circular economy
  • Enhanced landfill mining
  • Quality control along the recycling chain
  • Closing material loops in the circular economy
  • Economic and financial aspects
  • Policies and legal aspects
  • Tools and instruments for project evaluation
  • Education, communication, social and psychological aspectsç
  • Digital solutions for the circular economy
  • Waste architecture and urban space
  • Blue technologies for a sustainable circular economy
  • Urban mining and circular economy concepts in emerging and developing countries
  • Companies Forum.

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