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Basque Circular Summit

23-25 Nov 2022

Irún, Spain

Basque Circular Summit

This event is a benchmark event in Southern Europe, which aims to raise awareness of the important challenges of the Circular Economy and analyse the opportunities arising for the Basque economy, as well as highlighting the work carried out by Basque companies through public-private collaboration to contribute to the objectives of the Circular Economy and Bioeconomy Plan 2024 of the Basque Country.

During three days aimed at business and industry, the following will be addressed:

  • Bring Basque companies closer to the new challenges and opportunities in the Circular Economy promoted by the European Green Deal.
  • Show the commitment of the Basque Government to support companies and their results (new methods, tools, guides and manuals...).
  • To transfer the work carried out and the innovative results obtained by Basque companies (Basque Ecodesign Center, PYME Circular Euskadi and Eco-innovation projects) in Circular Economy.
  • To provide criteria and encourage Basque companies, public and local entities, and committed young people to intensify their commitment to the circular economy.
  • To make the Basque Country visible and position it internationally as the "vanguard of southern Europe" in business circular economy.


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