Webinar 8: Leveraging Public Procurement to Accelerate the Transition to a Circular Economy - tools and mechanisms to mainstream the approach

Presentations - Best practice examples on the use of circular public procurement and tools:

  • Challenges and opportunities for Circular Public Procurement and EIB initiatives - Sonia Da Fonseca, European Investment Bank
  • Circular Food Procurement in London - Rachel Shairp, ReLondon and Andy Gold, London Borough of Newham

  • Procuring Circular Furniture - Alexandra Vandevyvere, Circular Flanders and Johanna Tunlid, City of Malmö
  • Circular procurement and innovation - Erik Nyroos, City of Helsinki
  • Tools to monitor the impact of circular public procurement - Godard Croon, City of Rotterdam

Webinar 7: Circular Business Models and the Role of Local Authorities

Presentations - session 1: Circular business models

  • Introduction to Circular Business Models - Josh Newton, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Financing Mechanisms - Nathalie Binet, European Investment Bank

  • Partnering and capacity-building at the local level - Lamia Sbity, ReLondon

Presentations - session 2: Case studies from CCD Signatories

  • Genoa: Providing a physical space to promote the collaboration among entrepreneurs - Claudia Pinna, City of Genoa
  • Porto: Financial Incentives and political support - Manuel António Ferrinho Semedo, City of Porto
  • Mechelen: Partnering and capacity-building at the local level - Julie Poppe, City of Mechelen

Webinar 6: A Circular Economy for Textiles in Cities

Presentations - session 1: Introduction to circular textiles

  • Background information and a strategic approach to circular textiles - Ola Bąkowska, Circle Economy
  • Circular textile business models & behaviour change - Sarah Malone, ReLondon

Presentations - session 2: Case studies from CCD Signatories

  • Prato: Textile Circular Strategy  - Besnik Mehmeti, City of Prato
  • Malmö: Behaviour Change and Campaigns - Emma Börjesson, City of Malmö
  • Lappeenranta: Textile Collection, Sorting and Recycling - Anna Vuori, City of Lappeenranta

Webinar 5: Monitoring and Indicators for Circular Cities

Presentations - session 1: Methods and Indicators for Monitoring

  • Setting the scene - Local CE monitoring: challenges and opportunities - Nikolai Jacobi, ICLEI
  • Circular Economy Indicator Inventory - Ander Eizaguirre, OECD
  • Circular Flanders Monitor - Elmar Willems, Circular Flanders & Luc Alaerts, KU Leuven

Presentations - session 2: Practical Examples from CCD Signatories

  • Leuven
  • Greater Paris Metropolis

Webinar 4: Urban Metabolism as a tool for planning and decision making in Circular Cities

Presentations - session 1: Urban Metabolism: an Introduction

  • Introduction to urban metabolism from UN perspective  - Esteban Munoz, UN Environment Programme
  • How UM can be applied to city decision making with insights from Prague - Ilektra Kouloumpi, Circle Economy & Vojtech Vosecky, City of Prague

Presentations - session 2: Data and Indicators for Urban Metabolism

  • Linking urban metabolism to climate change: London's Food System - Jordi Pascual, Circle Economy & Sarah Malone (ReLondon)
  • Gathering data for urban metabolism: learnings from Porto within the CityLoops project - Pedro Fonseca Santos, Porto 2GoOut Consulting & Aristide Athanassiadis, Metabolism of Cities

Webinar 3: Citizen Engagement and Behavioural Change for Circular Cities

Presentations - plenary session

  • Citizen engagement for a circular economy - Alexandra Kessler, Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • CE Citizens: Experiences of Cleveland, Paris and London - Sarah O'Carroll, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Sustainable Lifestyles Programme Toolkit for behaviour change: Anatomy of Action - Boris Le Montagner, United Nations Environment Programme

Webinar 2: Local Circular Economy Strategies & Circular Food Systems

Presentations - session 1: Local Circular Economy Strategies

  • How to approach and develop a local circular economy strategy - Blake Robinson, CIrcle Economy
  • Maribor's Circular Economy Strategy - Igor Kos, Wcycle Institute Maribor

Presentations - session 2: Circular Food Systems & Bio-waste

  • Key challenges and opportunities for circular food systems - Marion Guenard, ICLEI
  • Closing the loop for Bio-waste in Porto - Sara Velho, Porto Municipality

Webinar 1: Introducing the Declaration and sharing inspiring examples

Circular Cities – best practice presentations

Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy – Update.
Presentation by Håkon Sandven Jentoft, Coordinator Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy, City of Oslo