Bergen, Norway


The City of Bergen’s ambition is to become the greenest city in Norway. Bergen shall be a driving force for renewable energy and green, sustainable business.  Working towards a circular economy the City has implemented goals for consumption patterns, waste and resources in the climate and energy action plan for Bergen. 

Waste strategies

The following three strategies have been selected to reduce climate impact of waste, and hence contribute to a circular economy:

  1. Reduce the climate impact of consumption
  2. Reduce the amount of waste and increase reuse,
  3. Use waste as a resource.

These three strategies are used in information, campaigns and events hosted by the City. Several projects such as a redesign competition and reuse-week are organized every year together with BIR (the public waste company). 

Circularity indicators

The City also includes requirements for reuse in public procurement in construction projects such as the construction of Bergen Inkluderingssenter. Through grants it is promoting green events that emphasize reuse and the circular economy. Moving forward Bergen will work to develop indicators for the City to measure circularity.