Bodø, Norway

Bodø, a city in northern Norway, is undergoing a transformative journey towards a more sustainable future. With a strong commitment to climate action, environmental protection, and the principles of circular economy, the municipality has embedded circularity into its core strategies and initiatives.


Collaborative efforts and innovative solutions

While recognizing the challenges of being a small city, Bodø is actively working on circular procurement, circular construction, and innovative solutions such as soil reuse and a reuse marketplace for construction materials. The city is also planning a new district where circular construction practices will be the norm, showcasing its dedication to sustainable urban development.

Bodø understands the importance of collaboration and actively engages with citizens, private sector partners, public organizations, and the broader community to develop and implement circular solutions together. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of collective ownership and drives innovation.

One notable initiative is the establishment of a public-private collaborative centre for sustainability Kraft, where professionals from various sectors work together on circularity and other environmental goals. Additionally, Bodø organizes an annual "Reuse Week," involving regional stakeholders, promoting the principles of a circular economy.


Continuous learning and knowledge sharing

Despite its remote location in the far north, Bodø actively seeks out expertise and knowledge from around the world. Through city cooperations, research projects, and participation in networks, the city ensures access to the latest developments and best practices in circularity and sustainability.

Bodø's journey towards a more circular society is a testament to the city's determination and commitment to continuous improvement. By embracing collaboration, innovation, and a willingness to learn, Bodø is making strides towards a more sustainable future, one step at a time.