Braga, Portugal

Every year, the Municipality of Braga carries out various activities throughout the country, integrated with the various objectives for sustainable development and a circular economy. An example is the project for community urban vegetable gardens (with 30,000 m², involving approximately 4500 users), consisting of social vegetable gardens in 5 entities, namely citizens with disabilities (656 m2 and 141 users) and 32 school vegetable gardens (60, 606 m2 and 2541 students involved), where composting is an essential practice


Composting waste

Since 2014, Braga has organized numerous activities in the European Week for Waste Prevention. In recent years the city has been offering composters and recycling bins to many citizens. Much of the organic waste from citizens' homes is composted by Braval, with the production of the Ferti + compost. The same entity collects used cooking oils and produces biodiesel, which is used in (municipal) vehicles.

Soil enrichment

In 2020, Braga purchased two biotriturators and made them available to owners of agricultural or forest land to shatter branches or other leftovers from their activity. Placing this material in the soil enriches it and prevents water loss, thus reducing the practice of burning of the materials that often originate rural fires, This has been done within the framework of the "Caring for Braga" project (Cuidar Braga).