Ghent, Belgium

A systemic shift to a circular economic model is fundamental to achieving climate neutrality. The City of Ghent commits, via the Cleantech Cluster Regio Gent, to support innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. The City is implementing a strategy that aims to achieve their climate objectives in terms of mitigation and adaptation by reducing the use of materials, land, energy, water and food. 

CleanTech innovation

To achieve its circular economy objectives, built on the ambitions of the Cleantech Cluster Regio Ghent, the City works with North Sea Port, Province of East Flanders, POM, Cleantech Flanders and the Ghent University. Together, they have set themselves the goal of enabling their region to excel in CleanTech innovation and its valorisation by 2030.

Circular economy goals

In its draft Climate Plan, Ghent distinguishes four major goals in which the actions around circular economy are grouped:

1. Scaling up the circular economy in cooperation with the Cleantech Cluster Regio Ghent
2. Strengthening small-scale circular initiatives in the city
3. Setting the right example as the city government
4. Communication and knowledge transfer on circular economy to citizens