Lappeenranta, Finland

The circular economy goals of the City of Lappeenranta are based on the Resource Efficiency Roadmap. Lappeenranta published it among the first cities in Finland, in 2015. The targets of the roadmap are: zero waste, clean water, climate neutrality and no overconsumption. 

Waste recycling

Lappeenranta concentrates on waste recycling. No municipal waste went on landfill 2019, and the material recycling rate was 56%.  LUT University, companies and the city develop circular economy products, such as geopolymers from side streams to replace concrete and convert waste materials into new ecological composite products

Separating bio-waste

Regarding waste, the near future targets are in plastic waste separating, biogas production and construction waste recycling. The total separation of bio-waste started in 2002. Lappeenranta's climate programme's target is that the city is carbon neutral in 2030.