Murcia, Spain

In September 2020, Murcia City Council finished the Circular Economy Assessment Report for Murcia. The main objective of this report was to lay the foundations leading to a transition to a circular economy model in Murcia. For that purpose, the following actions were taken: 1) Evaluate the current circular economy status in the city of Murcia; 2) Define the priority areas of the action plan. This action plan, currently ongoing, together with the Circular Economy Assessment Report will constitute the future Circular Economy Strategy of Murcia Municipality. The Circular Economy Strategy is implemented under the umbrella of the Urban Agenda 2030.


Circular projects

Murcia City Council is currently involvedin three EuropeanProjects (H2020): Valuewaste, CityLoops and HOOP. VALUEWASTE which proposes an integrated system for urban biowaste valorisation into key strategic products for the EU. The main objective of the CityLoops project is to demonstrate a series of innovative tools and urban planning approaches,aimed at closing the loops of urban material flows and increasing their regenerative capacity. The HOOP project supports 8 lighthouse cities and regions in developing large-scale urban circular bioeconomy initiatives that will focus on sustainably obtaining bio-based products from urban biowaste and wastewater.

Wastewater treatment

In terms of wastewater treatment and reusing, it is important to highlight that Murcia is considered to be a worldwide reference. Murcia municipality works in a public-private partnership to manage the water cycle (Aguas de Murcia, EMUASA). The private part of this municipal partnership (GRUPO SUEZ) is known worldwide and a leader in the sector. Currently, EMUASA is working in different projects to obtain value from wastewater fractions. The most relevant project is LIFE ENRICH.