Roeselare, Belgium

The City of Roeselare is increasingly putting focus on the field of Circular Economy. For example, the SHAREPAIR project has the goal to support repair initiatives. This is achieved by regular Repair Cafés where people can bring in broken devices and let them be repaired by volunteers, by the development of a repair network and the inclusion of repair professionals. On top of that, the project aims to facilitate citizens to repair more by creating an online platform  and by exploring different financing models. Each year, Roeselare  participates in the International repair week and organizes a repair day.

Circular refurbishment

Roeselare has also achieved that its six-monthly refurbishing of 80 social, temporary, housing units uses second hand furniture and appliances instead of cheaper new items. This is a cooperation with the Kringwinkel (a local second hand initiative) and avoides a lot of waste material while reducing refurbishment costs with up to 40%. A clear win-win for the city!

Circular strategy

Roeselare is keen to further develop its circular activities. The city is part of several fora on intercity and international levels to share best practices, provide feedback on lessons learned and to implement new ideas. Moreover, it is developing a Circular Strategy together with consulting firm Möbius to make sure a good base layer kickstarts the widespread adoption of a circular economy.