The Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam

The Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam, known in Dutch as Metropoolregio Amsterdam (MRA), consists of 30 municipalities, two provinces (North Holland and Flevoland), and the Transport Authority Amsterdam. The MRA is home to approximately 2.6 million people, accounting for over 14 percent of the Dutch population. It stands out as the nation's most resilient economic region, displaying robust performance on the global platform as well. Our main policy priorities centre on promoting the Circular Economy, tackling Housing Issues, optimizing Mobility, fostering Energy Transition, managing Landscape considerations, and enhancing the Labour Market.

Circular Economy strategy

Setting circularity as the new norm, the region aims to lead by 2030 in developing intelligent solutions for the constrained availability of resources through redesign and closing loops in energy, water, and material cycles. To achieve this objective, the region is actively executing its Circular Economy Strategy and Implementation programme across three key domains: sustainable urban planning, circular procurement, and the closure of resource loops for six material cycles (plastics, textile, urban waste, diapers, biomass, and construction).

Key Regional Initiatives

In pursuit of its objectives, the region has undertaken various projects, such as: the Roadmap Circular Procurement & Commissioning - Towards 100% and the knowledge platforms Circulaw and PRICE. The collaborative efforts known as the Textiles2Textiles, the Dutch Circular Textile Valley (DCCT), and the Denim deal, contribute to a more sustainable fashion and textile industry by setting up a new, innovative production and processing facility. With the covenants like Toekomstbestendig Bouwen and the Green Deal Houtbouw, the region ensures sustainable and affordable housing development, aiming for 20% timber use in residential construction by 2025. These initiatives exemplify the region's commitment to circularity.

Joint challenges and actions

The MRA embraces the collective challenge of achieving smart and sustainable growth through escalating and up-scaling circularity alongside fellow European cities and regions. To achieve this goal, joint efforts are essential at the local, national, and European levels. By joining the ICLEI-network and endorsing the European Circular Cities declaration, the MRA dedicates itself to integrate sustainability throughout the region, in partnership with all stakeholders.