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Conferencia VERTEDEROS 2023

17 Oct 2023

Lleida - Fira de Lleida

Conferencia VERTEDEROS 2023

The EU-funded project CIRCULAR BIOCARBON will be showcased at the Conferencia VERTEDEROS on 17 April. Urbaser's Placido Aurensanz Tena will present the project during the session: “CIRCULAR BIOCARBON PROJECT: TURNING URBAN WASTE INTO VALUE-ADDED PRODUCTS”. The session will take place from 10:40 - 11:00 (CET). For more information on the programme, click here.

The CIRCULAR BIOCARBON project is a European flagship project that aims to transform municipal organic waste (organic fraction of municipal solid waste and sewage sludge) into products with high added value through a new concept of urban biorefinery at industrial level.

It is a transnational collaborative project coordinated by Urbaser, in which 11 partners from 5 European countries participate.The CIRCULAR BIOCARBON biorefinery is a unique and integrated model in which process lines will be implemented in two different locations, Zaragoza (Spain) and Sesto San Giovanni (Italy). In Zaragoza, the biorefinery will be located in the Urban Waste Treatment Complex (CTRUZ) and in the Alfonso Maíllo Innovation Center (CIAM) in Urbaser.

Thanks to a set of innovative cascade technologies (biological, physical, chemical and mechanical), the CIRCULAR BIOCARBON biorefinery will make it possible to recover and valorize the valuable resources contained in the organic waste produced daily in cities,as well as showing its viability on a commercial scale.


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