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13-15 Sep 2021


The World Circular Economy Forum 2021 (WCEF2021) will take place this year from 13 -15 september. Hosted virtually in Canada (the first time North America hosts the event), WCEF2021 will focus on the system level changes, or “game changers,” needed to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

In three days packed with information, ideas and examples of the circular economy, WCEF2021 will offer:

  • Game Changer Sessions will explore crosscutting themes to answer a common question: “What transformational steps can we take in the next five years to catalyse the systemic changes required to scale up a global circular economy that is prosperous, inclusive and equitable?
  • Demonstration Sessions will bring the themes of the Game Changer Sessions to life through inspiring examples of the circular economy “in action”.
  • Accelerator Sessions will be outcome-oriented events hosted by partner organisations on September 15 to bridge with the daily work needed for a circular transition.

The Forum will also feature a virtual Expo Area to spotlight selected circular economy solutions and approaches as well as networking opportunities with circular economy enthusiasts from around the world!

Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra are co-organising WCEF2021 in collaboration with a number of partner organisations including the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the European Commission, the African Circular Economy Alliance and the United Nations Environment Programme. 

Attendance is free of charge. To attend, register here. Once registered, you will receive the WCEF2021 Newsletter. 

More information about the programme will soon be published here

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