Green City Accord

The Green City Accord

The Green City Accord is a new movement of Mayors for the environment initiated by the European Commission. By signing up for the Green City Accord, cities commit themselves to more ambitious environmental actions, thus making their cities cleaner, healthier and more resource-efficient. Stepping up local actions will also help the implementation of the EU's environment acquis and of the environmental ambitions of the European Green Deal.

The focal areas of the GCA are air, water, nature & biodiversity, waste & the circular economy, and noise. Each area is equipped with one overarching goal to be achieved by 2030. In the case of 'waste & the Circular Economy', the goal is as follows:

Advancing the circular economy, including by securing a significant improvement in the management of household municipal waste, a substantial improvement in recycling, and a reduction in waste generation.

The GCA will be launched during a high-level event at the European Week of Regions and Cities, taking place on 22 October 2020 from 11:30 to 13:00. Registration is open until 14 October; more information can be found here.

ICLEI Europe – alongside EUROCITIES and CEMR – are supporting the European Commission in developing and implementing the Accord.

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