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Zero Waste Europe Study Tour in Catalonia

23-25 Oct 2023

Zero Waste Europe Study Tour in Catalonia

Zero Waste Europe is conducting a new study tour in October in Catalonia in collaboration with REZERO. During this three-day field-trip, participants will discover some of the region’s most emblematic zero waste cities and projects.

The visit will bring together two of the most important and discussed topics within local zero waste programmes today:

  • How to best collect and treat bio-waste in both urban and rural contexts
  • How to establish effective reuse systems with the support of the wider community, looking at take-away packaging and WEEE in particular

Partcipants will visit:

  • Innovative projects that promote food waste prevention, repair and reuse. There will be visits to reuse packaging pioneers Bumerang and eReuse, a company that uses the latest digital technologies to enhance the reuse of electronic items, among other inspiring initiatives.
  • The composting station in Torrelles de Llobregat, which effectively treats organic and green waste from multiple municipalities in the Barcelona metropolitan area.
  • Some of Europe’s best performing zero waste municipalities, including Argentona which has a separate collection rate of 88% and generates 54kgs of residual waste per person in a year, and Torrellas de Llobregat which became one of Europe’s first Zero Waste Certified Cities in 2022 and the first in Catalonia.

These visits should give a particpants a better understanding of:

  • what it takes to set up highly efficient separate collection and recycling systems, with a particular focus on bio-waste, as well as what is required to set up an effective reuse system.
  • what is required to design and implement effective reuse models, looking at both the role of private enterprises, associations and local public authorities – examining the key ingredients for a successful partnership between all 3.

To register (deadline 11 September 2023) and to find more information about the programme, click here.
Participation costs 700 euro.

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