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Circular policies for changing the biowaste system

27 Sep 2022

Brussels, Belgium

Circular policies for changing the biowaste system

As up to 50% of European municipal waste is organic, valorisation of biowaste is a key tenet of a circular economy. However, numerous regulatory bottlenecks hinder the full deployment of revolutionary solutions in the field.

In this framework, five Horizon 2020 projects - CityLoops, VALUEWASTE, SCALIBUR project, HOOPand WaysTUP! - have teamed up to promote innovative solutions and bring down the regulatory barriers blocking a more sustainable future. This joint initiative is named ROOTS – circulaR pOlicies for changing the biOwasTe System.

On 27 September the ROOTS group will host a Policy Conference in Brussels to present their recommendations and discuss them with European policy makers and stakeholders.

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