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Fashion and the City

5 Feb 2024, 14:00-17:00

- online

Fashion and the City

Sustainable fashion is often regarded as an issue of international trade and global issues, disregarding the role of local municipalities in the phenomena of overproduction and overconsumption and their trickle-down effects. Yet many cities around the world have started to think of this challenge and develop innovative mechanisms to reduce the volume of production and overconsumption and support their city’s fashion sector’s transition to sustainability.

The UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion invites you to this event organised by ICLEI alongside ICT, UNECE, UN Environment, University of Geneva to discuss how municipalities can reduce waste, induce sustainable consumption behaviours in their citizens and promote sustainable choices and circular business services (such as rental and repair). We will explore the role of municipalities in initiating policies and initiatives to address the challenges posed by fast-fashion and the impact of cities on the fashion industry through influencing the consumption patterns of their citizens.

This discussion with experts and stakeholders from various global cities and specialised organisations will shed light on these issues, providing first a comprehensive picture of the current situation and the relevance of municipalities in addressing it.

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  • Simone Cipriani, Chairperson, UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion & Chief Technical Advisor Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI/ITC).


  • Katia Dayan Vladimirova, PhD, Senior lecturer and researcher, University of Geneva.

Why are cities important for sustainable fashion?

City cases (10min each)

  • AMSTERDAM: Dieuwertje de Wagenaar, Senior Policy Officer Circular Textiles, City of Amsterdam. Fashion and textiles in the “Amsterdam Doughnut”: How policy can boost local circular ecosystems.
  • OSLO: Kirsi Laitala, Senior researcher, Oslo Metropolitan University. Key challenges of textile waste and city-level solutions: Case of Oslo.
  • ACCRA: Elizabeth Rickett, Co-founder, the Or Foundation. Textile overwhelm: How Accra City is managing the growing volumes of imported second hand garments and the resulting textile waste through circular practices.
  • GENEVA: Katia Dayan Vladimirova, PhD, Senior lecturer and researcher, University of Geneva. Opportunities to support responsible local fashion consumption: Case of the City of Geneva.
  • CAPE TOWN: Alison Evans, Head: Waste Markets, City of Cape Town. Moving towards circular textiles through Cape Town partnerships.

The case of NEW YORK will also be featured.

Discussants (5min each)

  • Felicity Lammas, Sustainability Manager, Global Fashion Agenda
  • Mohammad Awale, Founder, Rummage
  • Josephine Philips, Founder and CEO, Sojo
  • Matt Dwyer, Product Impact and Innovation Leader, Patagonia
  • Enrica Arena, CEO, Orange Fiber
  • Åsa Degerman, Manager, Once More



  • Gulnara Roll, Head of the Cities Unit, UNEP


  • Paola Deda, Director, Forests, Land and Housing Division, UNECE

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