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Material flows in Bodø - How circular is Bodø?

22 Mar 2023, 08:15-09:45


Material flows in Bodø - How circular is Bodø?

Materials are one of the key factors for economy, climate and environment, and the flow of materials tell us much about the society. In the EU-funded project CityLoops the role of the materials in Bodø has been analyzed. The analysis has been conducted by Metabolism of Cities who will present their findings at a hybrid breakfast meeting (organised by Bodø Municipality, Bodø Business forum and KRAFT) with insights in the economy and material use in Bodø, with discussions about the way to a more circular society.

The meeting will focus on:

  • Economy and demography in Bodø
  • Insight in the flows of important materials in Bodø
  • Building materials – how much materials are stored in the buildings, and where does it come from?
  • Food, wood and other organic materials – import, production, consumption and export in Bodø
  • How much waste do we generate and what happens to it?
  • Panel discussion about the materials role in the society and the road towards more circularity

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Image (Bodø Municipality)

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